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The Divergence Capital multi asset portfolio management technology solution for private clients is driven by our proprietary DDMA logic.  The Dynamic Decision Making Algorithm embodies the latest machine learning technologies for both fundamental, and technical analysis, as well as risk management allowing you to trade and manage your portfolio with confidence. Simply, connect, create, and trade.

At the heart of the Divergence Capital philosophy is applied learning technologies and DDMA is embodies this.

DDMA consumes and interprets large amounts of data faster than any human, uncovering profitable investment opportunities and often unseen opportunities, to meet your risk profile, return profile and time horizon. It is multi-layered and makes inferences using both a systemic investment approach, rules and yes big data.

Big data is not issue for DDMA, as it is built using the latest technology and infrastructure allowing it to be fast, and provide you with up to the minute intelligence.

DDMA removes emotion from the trading and portfolio management process and provides a clear view of what is ahead with latest forecasting and pattern recognition technologies. DDMA research signals are constantly evaluated and seamlessly feed back into the investment process. This optimises your portfolio for both risk and return and removes the need for additional and often expensive third party software integration.

You will no longer need to filter through news, or interpret market sentiment.  Understanding what drives a companies’ profitability and who drives it, is all done for you, both quickly and efficiently.  Any time zone, and anywhere.  DDMA can filter the noise and present the real investment opportunities.


  • Multi Asset 
  • Integrated Risk Management
  • Realtime
  • Portfolio Optimisation
  • Fully automated
  • Robust Investment process
  • Latest Machine learning
  • User Dashboard
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Proprietary Research Indicators